Monday, November 22, 2010


Hey followers... I have finally after 3 years updated my website so that I can make changes more easily and keep it more current and up to date. Thanks to iWeb and my sweet little Mac I was able to accomplish something worth putting up. I will be working on this as it's not a final product yet.

So with out further adieu... Please visit


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Branching out in other directions

The process of my Paper Resin jewelry line drove me to be interested in printing the designs I slaved so hard over in larger formats.  While I love the size and look of my jewelry there is a lot that goes into those little pendants. I thought it would be good to enlarge those same designs and make cards. These cards are my first set of Winter Cards. My hope was to have a little something sweet for the Holidays that anyone could use, with out being generic. I think I got there...

Available in Singles for $3, Packs of 8 for $12. You can message me to purchase, or you can stop in at Knows Perfume in the West Seattle Junction.

I'd also gladly personalize these designs, or create one just for you, for a small fee.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mothers Day for a Special Mama

A good Friend of mine is in a place where no new parent wants to be - Children's Hospital. She's there with her Newborn Baby to make matters even more unimaginable. The newest person to make her way into our world, had a bit of an early struggle. She's been under the amazing care and supervision of the staff at Children's since birth and for that we are thankful.

You can probably understand my joy when the Father of the baby called to ask for something special for the Mama. I've felt like a helpless bystander - and now I had something that I could do to bring a small amount of joy to these two parents.

I hope they enjoy their Family Jewels.

If you know anyone who could use a personal memento, call me. I'd love to help.

UPDATE: This little one is now home and doing fantastic! 
Here is the little beauty with her bracelet and her party dress!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Courtney & Bruce's Wedding day

I don't usually get to participate in the weddings that I make jewelry for, so it was a special day when I got an invitation in the mail for Courtney and Bruce's wedding. What a treat to see those two love birds walk down the aisle! They are so incredibly in love and it was oozing from every ounce of their bodies. The Maids looked lovely in their jewels!

Know anyone who is interested in custom jewelery?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Courtney Burkett & Bruce Jackson

Courtney and Bruce are to be married this coming weekend. April 3rd.

I had the fortune of meeting this amazing couple through my Father before he passed away almost a year ago. It's interesting how you go about your whole life seeing your parents as just parents. You rarely see the person they are through the eyes of their friends. It was at the Memorial service for my father where I really understood what my father meant to other people. He was a grand figure in my life - but I truly did not know his capacity as a friend to others until that day. I was incredibly lucky to have a rare form of closure during my Fathers Memorial Service where I saw the many other shining facets of my Fathers depths - through the words and memories of his friends. Bruce and Courtney knew my Father as a Friend and a Mentor. After the service Bruce was able to sum up my awe. He said, "I bet you never knew how many siblings you have." What a special thing to have some one say to you. He not only drew strength, knowledge, and enjoyment from my Dad he saw him as a Father figure. I never knew.

I know that my Dad has had his hands in many things since his passing, including bringing Courtney and Bruce to me so that I could create special mementos for their closest friends. Lucky me!

I am spilling over with joy over being a Guest at the wedding this weekend. So looking forward to seeing these special people share their vows! And also looking forward to seeing my Dad 'amongst' his friends.

Courtney has a very unique grouping of jewelry. Each one of her Bridesmaids is very different, and so they each have a very different piece to wear to the wedding. I can't tell you how fun this was to create, create, and create. It was nonstop creativity on one project and I had a blast.

I hope the Maids and Courtney love them. I'll report back after the wedding!

Sydney (side 1 - reversible)

Sydney (side 2 - reversible)

Giant Butterfly for the Maid of Honor

Winged Heart

Fairy Wing



Thanks for reading, (sorry for the long gap in posts!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The family that wears jewelry

The Jaramillo Family , originally uploaded by justbasl.

This is a shot taken by my good friend Jarrod during our family portrait session. We all 3 love our "Family Jewels"... I thought it was fitting to have it be a part of our portrait session. I'm always the one photographing all of my jewelry, so it's pretty hard to take a pic of a squirmy 15 month and my self and my husband.

Family Jewels Set $125

Monday, September 21, 2009

Papa's Bracelet

Luka and I each have a matching Mama and Baby bracelet... we thought Papa should have one too! Do you know a Papa who needs a Papa Bracelet? 

or $125 for a family set... Mama, Baby & Papa